About Us

Our History

A business using the Mole Avon name has operated since October 1966.
Starting at Downes Mill on the outskirts of Crediton, the business moved to the former winter quarters of Anderton & Rowland Circus on Mill Street in Crediton in November 1970.

Mole Avon Trading Limited commenced trading in August 1973. As well as operating a retail branch from this site, part of the buildings were used for the company’s accounting, administration and marketing departments known collectively as ‘Central Admin’. Central Admin moved to rented premises - Westward Business Centre, still on Mill Street in Crediton - in 2009 to allow for an expansion of our retail shop. Central Admin was renamed in 2016 to The Support Centre.

In 2016, we acquired land on the outskirts of Crediton (known as Wellparks), a key position on the entrance to the Tesco superstore. In September 2018 we relocated from our Mill Street premises and created a town and country store like no other in the south west. 

In 1975 a ‘sub depot’ was established at Okehampton, initially in Crediton Road, but a branch followed at the old Barton Garage premises on Exeter Road in July 1979. Significant additional and adjoining land was purchased in 1983 and 1999 to create the site we operate from today.

These additional land purchases incorporated the development of the Mole Avon Forecourt over the years, having continued fuel retailing since the acquisition of the Barton Garage in 1979. The Spar brand was added in 2006 when we doubled the shop selling space.

The Axminster branch has been in operation since November 1978 from a site in the Station Yard area, firstly from rented premises but eventually from a purpose built building opened in 1987. Adjacent land was acquired in 1993 following the closure of Jewsons building merchants after which the existing building was redeveloped and a new retail warehouse built in 1995. Updates to both warehouse and shop have been completed in 2012.

The Company also runs a retail clothing and footwear shop in Crediton High Street from rented premises since 1992 which trades under the name of Town & Countrywear.

The name Mole Avon Town and Country Stores was adopted for trading purposes early in 1994 for our three retail shops.

The Direct Sales part of the company deals essentially with sales of goods that go direct to the customer’s homes/farms without first being stocked in one of the branches. Established in 1992, this element is very much a part of our Town & Country Stores offering.

The company currently employs in the region of 150 staff.