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20 Bulb Festoon Lights Multi 100 LED
£45.00 inc VAT(£37.50 ex VAT)
Duo Deco Lantern Porta LightDuo Deco Lantern Porta Light
Duo Deco Lantern Porta Light
Ideal for camping, festivals, fishing, workshops and much more!
£5.99 inc VAT(£4.99 ex VAT)

Super Bright Multi Light WhiteSuper Bright Multi Light White
Super Bright Multi Light White
Ideal for cupboards, sheds, garages, bedsides, camping and much more.
£3.99 inc VAT(£3.33 ex VAT)
Connectable Festoon Lights 10 PackConnectable Festoon Lights 10 Pack
£26.00 inc VAT(£21.67 ex VAT)

6 Mesh Lantern Bulb Spider Lights6 Mesh Lantern Bulb Spider Lights
£55.00 £41.25 inc VAT(£34.38 ex VAT)
Flexi Wire Lights Warm WhiteFlexi Wire Lights Warm White
Flexi Wire Lights Warm White
200 Pack: 18(H) x 8 (W0 x 6(D) cm. 400 Pack: 18(H) x 12 (W0 x 6(D) cm.
£13.00 from £9.75 inc VAT(from £8.13 ex VAT)

Fine Solar Wire Flamingo Lights
Fine Solar Wire Flamingo Lights
16(H) x 8(W) x 10(D) cm.
£16.99 £12.74 inc VAT(£10.62 ex VAT)
Solar Lantern Stake With Bulb CopperSolar Lantern Stake With Bulb Copper
Solar Lantern Stake With Bulb Copper
24(H) x 18(W) x 18(D) cm.
£23.99 £17.99 inc VAT(£14.99 ex VAT)

Solar Wire Lantern 39.5cm
£38.99 £29.24 inc VAT(£24.37 ex VAT)
Metal Drum Lantern Black
Metal Drum Lantern Black
32(H) x 8(W) cm.
£24.99 £18.74 inc VAT(£15.62 ex VAT)

Round Metal Lantern BlackRound Metal Lantern Black
Round Metal Lantern Black
15(H) x 20(W) cm.
£24.99 £18.74 inc VAT(£15.62 ex VAT)
String Of 7 Solar BulbsString Of 7 Solar Bulbs
String Of 7 Solar Bulbs
25(H) x 10(W) x 14.5(D) cm.
£22.99 £17.24 inc VAT(£14.37 ex VAT)

10 Solar Multifunction Dragonfly Lights
10 Solar Multifunction Dragonfly Lights
16(H) x 7(W) x 22(D) cm.
£18.99 £14.24 inc VAT(£11.87 ex VAT)
Single Firework StakeSingle Firework Stake
Single Firework Stake
50(H) x 5(W) x 10(D) cm.
£15.99 £11.99 inc VAT(£9.99 ex VAT)

Martini Stake Light 3LMartini Stake Light 3L
Martini Stake Light 3L
The martini Stake Light has designer faceted glass lenses that optimise light dispersal.
£6.99 £5.24 inc VAT(£4.37 ex VAT)
Party Flaming Torch 5 PackParty Flaming Torch 5 Pack
Party Flaming Torch 5 Pack
Ideal for creating a dramatic impact in any garden or outside space.
£19.99 £14.99 inc VAT(£12.49 ex VAT)