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Goldeneye Kale 1kg
Goldeneye Kale 1kg
Goldeneye is a giant type kale especially bred for the game cover market, selected for the optimum combination of height and leaf production.
£15.00 (VAT exempt)
Grüner Angeliter Untreated Kale 1kg
Grüner Angeliter Untreated Kale 1kg
Its high yields make it ideal for utilisation by dairy and beef cattle and as winter feed for sheep.
£13.00 (VAT exempt)

Untreated Kestrel Kale Maris 5kgUntreated Kestrel Kale Maris 5kg
Untreated Kestrel Kale Maris 5kg
Maris Kestrel Kale is suitable for sheep and cattle grazing.
£65.00 (VAT exempt)