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Round Water Butt 210L GreenRound Water Butt 210L Green
Round Water Butt 210L Green
Tried and tested: a classic and functional rain butt for your garden. Stand comes seperately.
£34.99 inc VAT(£29.16 ex VAT)
Antique Amphora Water Butt 250L TerracottaAntique Amphora Water Butt 250L Terracotta
Antique Amphora Water Butt 250L Terracotta
The Garantia Antique Amphora Water Butt doubles as an elegant planter and is one you won’t want to hideaway. Simply plant it up and make it a new stylish focal point in your garden.
£299.99 inc VAT(£249.99 ex VAT)

Garden Tank GreenGarden Tank Green
Garden Tank Green
The Garantia garden tanks are the perfect high-volume above-ground rainwater harvesting solution. The large capacities of these water butts make them perfect for large gardens that require lots of irrigation. Suited for garden and basement installation.
from £399.99 inc VAT(from £333.33 ex VAT)
Slimline Water Butt With TapSlimline Water Butt With Tap
Slimline Water Butt With Tap
Strata slim space saver water butt with lid and tap in black.
from £31.00 inc VAT(from £25.83 ex VAT)

Water Butt Stand 210L GreenWater Butt Stand 210L Green
Water Butt Stand 210L Green
210L Round Water Butt with Stand in green. A great premium standard water butt perfect for collecting rainwater.
£24.99 inc VAT(£20.83 ex VAT)
Slimline Water Butt StandSlimline Water Butt Stand
Slimline Water Butt Stand
Raise your Strata Standard Water Butt off the ground to allow easy access to the tap and room for a watering can underneath.
from £12.00 inc VAT(from £10.00 ex VAT)

Avanti Downpipe FilterAvanti Downpipe Filter
Avanti Downpipe Filter
Our Avanti downpipe filter is revolutionary. No need to cut your downpipe in half and take it off the wall. Simply use the hole-saw provided to drill the correct size hole in the downpipe and the tank, and our Avanti simply fits in! This solution is installed in minutes to downpipes of 70mm to 100mm diameter. All of the tools required are included in the pack (excluding from the drill).
£29.99 inc VAT(£24.99 ex VAT)
Water Butt Connector Pipe
Water Butt Connector Pipe
This connection kit allows you to connect two water butts together to create a secondary overflow tank for additional storage.
£4.99 inc VAT(£4.16 ex VAT)

Water Diverter Kit
Water Diverter Kit
Downpipe Filler Kit GN816 diverts water from going down your downpipe and into your water butt.
£11.00 inc VAT(£9.17 ex VAT)
Insulated Outside Tap Cover
Insulated Outside Tap Cover
This insulated outside tap cover from Exitex provides cold weather & frost protection for taps. 
£15.50 inc VAT(£12.92 ex VAT)

Strata Water Butt Tap
Strata Water Butt Tap
Black Strata Water Butt Tap is made from strong, durable, black plastic and is designed to be a replacement tap for water butts. 
£6.00 inc VAT(£5.00 ex VAT)
Fast Flow Water Butt TapFast Flow Water Butt Tap
Fast Flow Water Butt Tap
Suitable for most makes of water butt.
£10.99 inc VAT(£9.16 ex VAT)

Defenders Water Butt Treatment 500ml
Defenders Water Butt Treatment 500ml
Concentrated formula treats stored rainwater and household grey-water (baths, washing machines, sink etc.).
£9.99 inc VAT(£8.33 ex VAT)
Downpipe Leaf Guard 2 PackDownpipe Leaf Guard 2 Pack
Downpipe Leaf Guard 2 Pack
Keeps gutters free from fallen leaves and debris.
£4.99 inc VAT(£4.16 ex VAT)