Equus Health

Equus Health

Equus Health was founded in 1995 with the genuine wish to offer horse owners a guide through the ever growing selection of remedial natural products coming onto the market.


Our interest in herbal remedies and the love of animals led us to this business move. It is a combination of something we wanted to keep learning more about ourselves, alongside the drive to earn a living and all whilst still being involved in what life is all about for us - horses!


We never thought our small business would expand into several franchises covering England, Wales and Scotland. Supplying in excess of 450 shops and offering local advice in each area through our growing network.


Our approach to equine health issues has been a combination of good common sense, current horse knowledge and that of yesteryear, alongside natural products and/or sound veterinary advice and treatment where applicable.


The horse world has seen a massive change in the last 20 years. Feeding, supplementation and remedial work used to be done by 'feel' and animal husbandry was a natural part of everyday life. This was mainly dealt with by people who had the knowledge passed down through their family or neighbouring farmers.


At Equus Health, we continue to move with this fast moving market and can offer our unique combination of considerable horse care with related product knowledge. Through our dedicated team, we try to help and supply you on a local basis - nationwide.


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