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Kettle BBQ Black 57cmKettle BBQ Black 57cm
Special Offer
Kettle BBQ Black 57cm
The Kettle BBQ 57cm has a classic design and compact size, ideal for any garden space. An enamelled lid and fire bowl makes this kettle perfect for traditional direct cooking, and integrated charcoal dividers are also suitable for indirect cooking and smoking. An integrated lid thermometer and air vents also ensure the perfect temperature every time. It's also easy to move around the garden, with 2 wheels and a leg to stabilise it. The enamelled lid and fire bowl keep in the heat and all those succulent flavours.
£59.99 £53.99 inc VAT(£44.99 ex VAT)
Rexon Flexx 2.0 Gas BBQ BlackRexon Flexx 2.0 Gas BBQ Black
Special Offer
Rexon Flexx 2.0 Gas BBQ Black
A high quality, 2 burner gas barbecue that is ideal for entertaining small to medium sized gatherings of friends & family. Packed with features that enable the chef to cook a wide range of food & be the ideal host. With 2 adjustable stainless steel burners and a 3-piece modular cooking grill, offering an even heat distribution. The double-skinned hood retains also helps to retain heat when cooking. The Rexon FlexX 2 burner has 2 legs and wheels for easy transport and foldable shelves for ease of storing.
£149.99 £134.99 inc VAT(£112.49 ex VAT)

Charcoal Tripod BBQ GrillCharcoal Tripod BBQ Grill
Charcoal Tripod BBQ Grill
This portable charcoal tripod BBQ grill is ideal for all kinds of settings, from impromptu barbecues in the back garden to holidays and camping trips. Its 3 sturdy legs raise the enamelled fire bowl above the ground, preventing any damage to the grass or ground beneath. In the process, a tripod barbecue makes it much easier to cook your food whilst kneeling or standing. This high-quality tripod BBQ has a large 50cm cooking grill, which offers enough room to cook for up to 8 people. The grill is suspended on a chain and is also height adjustable, allowing you to move it to a height that suits your needs and preferences. Many people choose this portable tripod grill for days at the beach, visits to a park, spending a night under the stars, or simply chilling out in the garden. Its compact design, portability, quick and easy setup and easy temperature control make it a truly versatile BBQ grill, plus it doesn’t leave any mess and easily fits into the back of a car.
£29.99 inc VAT(£24.99 ex VAT)

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