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Kitchen Craft Microwave Rice Cooker 1.5L
Kitchen Craft Microwave Rice Cooker 1.5L
Cooking perfect rice on the hob is tricky. More often than not, you end up with a sticky porridge, rather than the light, fluffy grains that seem to come naturally to restaurants. You could opt for an electric rice cooker instead. But that means dragging it out of the cupboard, and straining your brain cells trying to get the thing to work. The KitchenCraft microwave rice cooker offers the best of both worlds. This simple, lightweight gadget makes perfect rice every time, and all you need is a microwave. Simply add rice, water or stock, then place the rice cooker it in the microwave and leave to cook. In as little as 13 minutes, you will have delicious fluffy rice ready to serve and enjoy.
£14.99 inc VAT(£12.49 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft Double Oven Glove CottonKitchen Craft Double Oven Glove Cotton
£7.99 inc VAT(£6.66 ex VAT)
KitchenCraft Cotton Waffle Tea Towels Brights 3 PackKitchenCraft Cotton Waffle Tea Towels Brights 3 Pack
KitchenCraft Cotton Waffle Tea Towels Brights 3 Pack
Every kitchen needs a good set of tea towels. From drying the dishes after dinner, to covering up leftovers as they cool after mealtimes, to wiping down wet worktops – you'd be totally lost without a set of all-rounders like KitchenCraft's cotton waffle-weave tea towels! In this pack you get three large waffle-woven tea towels that are perfect for everyday use in your kitchen. Each one is woven from 100% cotton and features a superior thread count compared to standard kitchen towels. This makes them more absorbent as you sop up spills or dry the dishes. It also means they're more durable. You can rely on these soft waffle tea towels time and time again. There's no need to worry about them getting grubby. Simply pop them in your washing machine on a slow spin cycle at 40°C (104°F) to bring them back to their best. With their colourful designs, they’re sure to brighten up your kitchen, too!
£11.99 inc VAT(£9.99 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft Mechanical Scales 10kgKitchen Craft Mechanical Scales 10kg
£15.99 inc VAT(£13.33 ex VAT)
Kitchen Craft Mechanical Scales With Bowl 3kgKitchen Craft Mechanical Scales With Bowl 3kg
£21.99 inc VAT(£18.33 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft Silver Anodised Tractor Shaped Cake PanKitchen Craft Silver Anodised Tractor Shaped Cake Pan
Kitchen Craft Silver Anodised Tractor Shaped Cake Pan
Looking for a show-stopping cake with minimal fuss? This pan is shaped like a tooting tractor to create an original cake. Made of silver anodised aluminium, it bakes beautifully detailed cakes, so you can make and decorate show-stopping pieces using just one tin. The aluminium absorbs heat quickly and efficiently. helping the cake cook evenly and creating a perfect impression of the pan’s intricate lines and patterns. You get a gorgeous-looking cake with crisp, clear lines, which is perfect for decorating in your choice of fondant or buttercream icing! The pan is perfect for children’s birthday parties and other fun family occasions. KitchenCraft is a one-stop shop for all of your baking needs, from cake making and decorating to presentation and serving.
£15.99 inc VAT(£13.33 ex VAT)
KitchenCraft Heavy Duty Non Stick Two Part Oven TrayKitchenCraft Heavy Duty Non Stick Two Part Oven Tray
KitchenCraft Heavy Duty Non Stick Two Part Oven Tray
Life can be hectic enough, so keeping things simple when it comes to cooking can make all the difference. Fortunately, there’s a baking tray that’s on a mission to make your life easier. With its handy divider, this tray lets you cook different food types at the same time. This means less hassle, less washing up, and more time to put your feet up. One side of the tray boasts aerating holes and ridges which are perfect for crisping up chips, fish fingers and slices of pizza. The other side is smooth, providing a non-stick surface for baking meat and veg creations. Combine the two and you’ll soon be tucking into delicious dinners of quiche and veggies, lamb chops and seasoned roast potatoes or classic chicken and chips. Yum!
£10.99 inc VAT(£9.16 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft White Porcelain Covered Butter DishKitchen Craft White Porcelain Covered Butter Dish
Kitchen Craft White Porcelain Covered Butter Dish
Don’t rip up fluffy loaves trying to spread cold, hard butter straight from the fridge – your bread deserves better. This traditional white dish keeps butter soft and fresh, so it’s easy to spread and your bread stays fluffy and intact. Keep it in your kitchen to help with cooking or baking, or take it to the table to enjoy mountains of thick, buttery toast at breakfast, or moreish crumpets at teatime. Best of all, the butter holder is made of high-quality porcelain, for that classic tea-time look.
£14.99 inc VAT(£12.49 ex VAT)
Kitchen Craft Non Stick Frying Pan Set 2 PieceKitchen Craft Non Stick Frying Pan Set 2 Piece
Kitchen Craft Non Stick Frying Pan Set 2 Piece
Two durable non-stick frying pans, one great value package. Fry, sauté and sear your way to all kinds of delicious meals with these 24cm and 28cm aluminium frying pans. Each has a non-stick coating, so you can cook with less oil, enjoy easy food release, and clean up quicker than ever. These medium and large pans also boast flat bases, so they'll distribute the heat from your hob quickly and evenly. They're a dream to handle too - soft-grip handle coatings mean you'll never struggle to get to grips with them. This non-stick frying pan set is perfect as a starter kit for anyone setting up their first home, or going off to university. It's also great as an upgrade or replacement for a set that's long past its best. Packed in a KitchenCraft gift box, it makes a fantastic gift too.
£26.99 inc VAT(£22.49 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Deep SaucepanKitchen Craft Stainless Steel Deep Saucepan
Kitchen Craft Stainless Steel Deep Saucepan
Whether you’re economical in the kitchen and want to squeeze as many ingredients as you can in one pan, or you’re the host with the most and need to maximise space on the hob while you’re prepping for a dinner party, this extra-deep saucepan will help you cook up a storm. The extra depth in the saucepan could even help you to cook smart when it comes to tackling washing up and energy efficiency. And the heat-resistant phenolic handle / knob and fast-heating encapsulated base make cooking that little bit easier. This small cooking pan is made of stainless steel, which is rust free and easy to clean, so you don’t need to worry about scrubbing the pans when you’ve finished. It’s suitable for any stovetop, including induction hobs.
from £21.99 inc VAT(from £18.33 ex VAT)
Kitchen Craft Deluxe Cast Iron Round Ribbed Grill Pan 24cmKitchen Craft Deluxe Cast Iron Round Ribbed Grill Pan 24cm
Kitchen Craft Deluxe Cast Iron Round Ribbed Grill Pan 24cm
Bring the char and charm of the grill house to your own home with this round cast iron grill pan. Suitable for use in any type of oven (except microwaves) and on any hob – including induction – this heavy-duty pan is a must for any kitchen. Why cook with cast iron? This super-sturdy metal gets blazingly hot! Lay your meat or veg in the pan, and the hot ribbed base will leave a stripy seared look for a restaurant-style finish. Perfect for searing steaks, frying fish and chargrilling chicken and vegetables, the ribbed base also works to lift meat away from any juices and oils adding a healthier touch to your meal. By seasoning the pan and then pre-heating it each time it is used, you’ll create a natural non-stick surface so you can cook your favourite foods fast, without having to add any extra oil. Steak night never looked and tasted so good!
£28.99 inc VAT(£24.16 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft Microwave Casserole Set 3 PieceKitchen Craft Microwave Casserole Set 3 Piece
Kitchen Craft Microwave Casserole Set 3 Piece
Microwave cooking gets a bad rap. But much of the time, that’s because the cooking containers we use just aren’t designed for microwaves. The good news is that you can cook up delicious, healthy, everyday meals using your microwave. You just need these handy cooking dishes from KitchenCraft, which are specially designed for microwave use. Made of robust, BPA free plastic, these dishes trap steam to promote quick-but-gentle cooking. Built-in steam vents stop things from overheating, and keep the lids firmly in place while the food cooks. The result? Nutritious, perfectly cooked food, straight from your microwave to the family table.
£19.49 inc VAT(£16.24 ex VAT)
KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Roasting Pan 27.5cm x 20cm
KitchenCraft Stainless Steel Roasting Pan 27.5cm x 20cm
Roast dinners are special. Juicy meat, crispy potatoes, crunchy vegetables, and silken gravy, brimming with flavour. Make a meal to remember with a pan that’s tailored to the size of your joint or poultry. Grab this bijou stainless steel roasting pan when you’re cooking for two – or even for yourself. (Single people deserve tasty roast dinners too!) This little stainless steel roasting tin is perfect for small briskets and poultry, and for rolled sirloins or pork joints. Anything that’d look swamped in a larger tin. Why this tin? It comes with a roasting rack, which lets juices and oil pool below the meat, for extra-succulent results. Healthy eating bonus: the rack keeps the meat separate from any oils that drip out, so you’ll cut down the calories. For an extra indulgence, turn these juices into delicious gravy on the hob. The pan is made of solid, lightweight stainless steel, which works on any heat source, except induction.
£17.49 inc VAT(£14.58 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft Microwave Bacon Rack 2 Pack
Kitchen Craft Microwave Bacon Rack 2 Pack
KitchenCraft's Microwave Bacon Crisper Racks provide a quick and easy way to achieve healthier, crispier bacon in just one minute.
£9.29 inc VAT(£7.74 ex VAT)
KitchenCraft Microwave Saucepan 900mlKitchenCraft Microwave Saucepan 900ml
KitchenCraft Microwave Saucepan 900ml
Sometimes hauling out a saucepan to heat up some soup for lunch, or rustle up some broccoli and peas to go with your evening meal can seem like a lot of effort. Not to mention the washing up afterwards… Now, you can cook your greens to perfection and heat up last night’s stew in record time in this transparent, microwavable saucepan. This ingenious plastic pan is specially designed for microwave cooking, with a vented lid for fast, even heating, and a handle for easy removal. Best of all, the plastic is non-stick, so washing up is faster than ever (or you could just pop it in the dishwasher!).
£11.49 inc VAT(£9.58 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft Wing Corkscrew
Kitchen Craft Wing Corkscrew
With its tried-and-tested design, BarCraft's classic winged corkscrew provides a quick, smooth and simple way to uncork your favourite bottles, so you won't be caught short when you fancy a glass of your favourite.
£4.99 inc VAT(£4.16 ex VAT)
Kitchen Craft Plastic Fridge Storage Box For CansKitchen Craft Plastic Fridge Storage Box For Cans
Kitchen Craft Plastic Fridge Storage Box For Cans
Sometimes, all you want to do when you get home is reach into the fridge, grab a cold one and chill out with a movie. Don’t spend your time searching for that rogue can of cola you bought the other day, or that little craft beer can you’ve been saving, get organised with this can storage basket. It’s made from sturdy, clear plastic and holds up to 9 standard-sized cola cans or small beer cans, keeping them all in one easy-to-find place. The plastic is 100% BPA free and food safe, so you can use it to separate meat, fish, or anything else you don’t want mixing with the rest of your fridge food. It’s also great for general fridge organisation, when that vegetable drawer at the bottom just isn’t enough, or for keeping some cans neat and tidy in your food cupboard.
£8.29 inc VAT(£6.91 ex VAT)

Kitchen Craft Medium Food Storage Food ContainerKitchen Craft Medium Food Storage Food Container
Kitchen Craft Medium Food Storage Food Container
Got those ‘kitchen clutter blues’? Cheer yourself up with this medium-sized kitchen storage basket. With this simple-but-essential storage solution, you can come home to a well-organised fridge or pantry every day of the week! This generously sized kitchen tidy is ideal for storing fruits, vegetables, dairy products, and condiments, as well as anything in the pantry. In two stackable sizes, medium and large, you’ll be able to create the perfect set to fit your kitchen. Made of durable, BPA-free plastic, the storage unit is a safe and practical solution to a chaotic kitchen. And best of all, it can be washed and reused, time and time again, as your needs change.
£7.49 inc VAT(£6.24 ex VAT)
Kitchen Craft Large Plastic Fridge/Cupboard OrganiserKitchen Craft Large Plastic Fridge/Cupboard Organiser
Kitchen Craft Large Plastic Fridge/Cupboard Organiser
Has putting the groceries away become a bit of a puzzle? Do you find yourself taking three items out to make one fit? Make the most of this precious storage space with KitchenCraft's plastic cupboard and fridge organiser basket! This large, sturdy storage container has three compartments, so you can store and organise loads of different foods and ingredients. Stow away anything from jars of ready-made curry sauces and tomato soup tins in the cupboard, to yoghurt pots and packets of fresh salad leaves in the fridge. With your foods tidily organised, you can easily grab what you want, even when it’s perched on tall shelves. This cupboard organiser box features a sturdy handle to make it easy to grab, whether it’s at the bottom of the fridge or at the top of the pantry.
£7.49 inc VAT(£6.24 ex VAT)

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